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Draz - Lou​-​Zen​-​Yu?

from The Beat Made Me Do It by Citation Sounds



Classify it anyway that will help you sleep at night, but in the end this is a piece of my soul put to music.


Verse I::
Never lonely never I, long as we together I
see the apple of my eye, be the reason she and I
got together cause of love, fought each other over of love
cried a couple tears but, we together so in love
I get better cause of you, brave the weather next to you
Got permission from ya father, gave that di-a-mond to you
There are things that last forever, few and far between I know
But I’m convinced that we could do that, otherwise I wouldn’t go
To that notary, or pastor, or priest with them vows
had our familys come to witness, the inclusion of my spouse
in my life ……began my own branch of the tree
protecting and providing, till that reaper comes to see me
as the years go swiftly we enjoy the ups and downs
when its everyone against me you the first to call um out
(call um out)….., sometimes its even me you put on blast
I get caught up in the daily, and forget to be your man…

Verse II::
Never blind never I see the distance in your eyes
We ain’t vibin like our usual our mutual design
Disappeared without a trace, no affection in your face
…a canyon lies between us and our bridge been replaced
By a thin line between love and hate, tightrope
If I fall I hope, it’s in love, I know
That it isn’t realistic when the wind blows resentment
And the water taste like friction and the ground is resistant
...the fire dissipated other words our reasons faded
even Phillip Bailey’s voice, hurt my heart when they play it
I………..miss the feelins we once shared
I forget we ain’t in love, tell me if you still care
…… you the one thing I did right in this life
I put that on my momma, so I suit up for the fight
without it ain’t gonna quit it, you witnessin my persistence
I’m insistin when I did it I meant it to go the distance

Verse III::
Never jealous never I, fella step up you get sliced
Disrespect is not a thing permissible in my life
Even if no one exists, I’ll still put it in the air
If you infiltrate my family, you’ll be living in despair
Correction…,I exaggerated there
When I said you would be living,
hope your hearings not impaired
get my message loud and clear
and the sentiment in there
I am speaking in plain English
….no hip hop lingo here
And a special dedication to them r&b brothers
Always got a song about how they wanna steal my lover
you attempt to dog me out barkin up the wrong tree
got my territory marked muthafucka do ya smell me?
….All up in my biz paparazzi
I don’t gotta handcuff her she’ll tell you she about me
…you press and you harass man a nigga always cocky
Till you wake up in the ‘spital wit ya spirit out ya body


from The Beat Made Me Do It, track released July 20, 2011
(D.Spease) (BMI)
Produced by Da'mon "Draz" Spease for Citation Sounds Productions
Written, Arranged, Performed, Recorded and Mixed by Da'mon Spease for Citation Sounds Productions


all rights reserved



Citation Sounds Sunrise, Florida

I was introduced to music at a young age while following my uncles around while they practiced and DJ'd neighborhood house parties. I dove head first into writing, but music production became my calling after watching DJ Slice craft classic beats in the studio. From there, I've concentrated on crafting timeless joints for the artists I collaborate with.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!
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